Would I accept a position on a year round school?

If offered a position in a year round school would I accept?

If I was offered a position at year round school I do think that I would accept it for a variety of reasons. I think that there is a lot of value in educating students year round and I do not think that learning can only happen from August(or September) until May or June. I understand why people argue for long summer vacations and rest periods, but I also agree with the idea that teachers and students burn out easily. In the following paragraphs I am going to outline my three main reasons why I would accept a position at year round school.

Too much of a good thing…can be a bad thing

Growing up and even now as an adult school breaks have always been a little long for me. And as a future educator I really do not think that summer vacation needs to be two or even three months long. I think that a month long break(at the longest) is all that students and teachers need to recharge before heading back into the classroom. The classroom provides important stimulation for students and a routine of learning is important for them to absorb important concepts. I know that I am not the only student who becomes board with relaxing, learning presents challenges that drive students to want to learn and become active in their learning experience.

Why must we waste so much time on review?

I agree with the argument that review time would need to be significantly less if students were in school year round. Many concepts are taught in multiple grades any way since knowledge builds on itself. But natural review would be built into the curriculum if students were in school year round. I think that students would also feel less like they were trying to cram for exams since they would always be going over material. I also think that teachers would feel like they had more time to get through the material that they need to get through before SOLs or other tests.

Other nations do it, why don’t we?

In countries around the world, students attend year round schools so why don’t we as Americans require it of our students? I believe a huge part of this is because we live in an individualistic culture, and people think that they are entitled to certain privileges. If all schools in America decided to switch to year round schools I think there would be a significant amount of controversy. But I think if there was a slow shift that there would be a major value in it. I would like to think that my future students would be more capable of competing against foreign students if they were in school year round.


I do not think I would struggle very much with the switch to a year round school for my teaching career. With frequent breaks throughout the year, I would more often feel refreshed and less burned out. Students would not be as removed from the curriculum and they would be more competitive when it came to the international level. Not only that but I think year round schooling would take some of the laziness out of our classrooms.


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