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INDT Week 6: To Flip or Not to Flip

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

More than anything else Flipping of classrooms reminds me of home educating students. As I watched the videos and descriptions of the methods used, I could not help but think of my own education growing up as a homeschooled student. The idea of constant application and the use of videos as lectures has become a popular movement among homeschoolers in the last two decades. I think that there is a lot of positives in the pedagogy of flipping a classroom including real world application, multi-student participation as well as opportunities for students to use a variety of different learning styles throughout their time in the classroom.

I think that some of the difficulties that flipping a classroom could present are classroom management, preparation time for teachers, and the transition from a tradition classroom to a flipped classroom. If videos from websites like Khan Academy are used I think that that would help teachers in preparation time therefore giving them more time to interact with their students and differentiate classroom time, etc. One of the other difficulties that I think a flipped classroom presents is the lack of preparation that it gives students for being in a college classroom. I think that it prepares them for the real world, but not necessarily for a lecture style college class.

I do not think that flipped classroom just consists of students watching lectures outside of class and doing worksheets during class. I think that class needs to be an interactive time in a flipped classroom. A time where students are applying knowledge to projects, discussions, and debates, a time when they can express themselves and demonstrate their understanding of the knowledge gained from lectures outside of class.

I think that this pedagogy still has some kinks that it needs to work out, especially for some classrooms. But I do appreciate its desire to make a more dynamic learning experiences for students and its use of technology in the classroom.