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IDNT Mini Projects Week #2

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

This week’s mini projects continued to be helpful, and efficient ways to use technology. These technologies once again would be very easy to adapt for students’ use for different projects and assignments. For my mini projects this week I chose the timeline by Time Toast and the Google Trek. As far as the mini projects offered this week I thought that both of these would have good use in a social studies classroom.

Time Toast Timelines present material in a concise and clear way and allow for extra information to be linked. I like how you can choose multiple presentation styles. This would be a classic social studies classroom activity with a spin on it. This would be a great way once again for students to review dates for exams and see visually how one event leads to another. I do not always think that dates need to be obsessed over in a history classroom, but for the important dates I think that a Time Toast timeline would be a great way for students to learn.

For a while now I have thought that Google was going to take over the world and I think that Google Trek is further evidence of that. As a future educator, I love Google and all of the helpful products that they offer. Google Trek would be a great way for students to map out things. Or to create their own interpretation of something that they have learned in class. It would be VERY helpful for a geography unit and for when we are talking about current events. I know that some people despise Google, but I am so thankful for its helpfulness as an educator.

These mini projects have been very helpful and have opened my eyes to so many more technologies that I can use in my classroom. I think that the mini-projects is a great title for it since so many of these projects take such a short time to produce. I will be putting these to use in my future classroom.

IDNT Week 5

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Using videos in the classroom is a great way to engage students in the curriculum. By using videos it peaks interest and is an efficient way to introduce new material. It can be difficult to find a video that uses the same “voice” that one might want to use the with the curriculum though which is why sites like Animoto are so beneficial. I found that by using Animoto I could add my own unique ideas and spin on the content that I was trying to introduce to my students. Through the use of music, words, and visuals one has more of an opportunity to serve various learning styles and use technology efficiently in the classroom.

I think that videos can be used all of the time in the classroom, from introducing new material, to reiterating a point, to reviewing for a test, by using videos educators are able to present material in a succinct way to hopefully help students remember it more effectively. Animoto and other similar sites could be used for student presentations as well. By giving students the option of creating a video, teachers give them an opportunity to express themselves in more unique ways.

Animoto was not only easy to use, its tools helped convey the message more easily and it provides educators with various tools to aid them in presenting material. I am excited to use Animoto again and recommend it to other educators.