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IDNT Week 3 Copyright

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

After a couple of frustrating searches I finally grasped what I needed to do with this assignment. I think that it was important for us to learn how to do this because as content area teachers we are often going to want to put together power points, assignments, and information for our students that contains images from the web. Prior to this assignment I did not know all of the different types of licenses for images on the web, I also was very thankful to discover Google Advanced Image Search because it so clearly allows you to be able to search for the types of images you are looking for, for your projects. I did most of my searches on google since I am most familiar with the interface. I searched “Building in Washington, DC, but then it did take me a little while to find an image that was listed under Public Domain. The following image is the one that I found that was listed under public domain. It is nice to know that it is free to use and that I do not have to worry about searching out the author, etc.

I feel that it is important as educators for us to be able to use these skills in the classroom since we want our students to be able to use similar search skills as well as to teach them not to plagiarize. Solomon and Schrum write, “In creating digital stories, students often include images created by others that are stored online”(Solomon & Schrum, 2011. p. 107) If my students are going to be using images stored online I want to make sure that they know how to filter through the results they will receive and to know how and if they can use specific images. I have always been a stickler about plagiarism, so I value the fact that we learned how to even properly give credit to authors of images and not just written works. I think that this tool will be extremely practical for me to use in my future classroom.

Solomon, G., & Schrum, L. (2011). Web 2.0 how-to for educators. Eugene, OR: Intl Society for Technology in educ.DC Architecture